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3D-printed headphones

Here is a set of great looking and awesome sounding headphones you can print yourself.

Source: Thingiverse

How I Designed This

Unlike loudspeader enclosure design, there is almost no publicly available intormation on designing great sounding headphones (that I could find anyway!). Therefore I had to do a heap of development and testing to understand how the design variables affect the sound. Recently there has been a lot of hype about 3D printing being the way of the future, including how it will replace store-bought items.

With this project, I set out to expore two aspects of this: firstly whether people will readily 3D print things they are likely to otherwise buy, and secondly, how mass manufacturing and 3D printing will realistically have to coexist for the foreseeable future (as some things such as the magnets and mylar film in the driver cannot easily be printed yet).

Slider images
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1. 467a67de9644e1c16e92a25bc6e8d1fa_preview_featured.jpg 2018-05-02 151.93 KiB
2. 5571830adc414f4ce5ca2740be5ee521_preview_featured.jpg 2018-05-02 29.83 KiB
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8. d60fa74d7e9bbc15924e49a6daf4484e_preview_featured.jpg 2018-05-02 32.25 KiB
List of blueprints
Name Date Size File
1. Baffle_V7-2.stl 2018-05-02 366.1 KiB
2. Cover_V7-1.stl 2018-05-02 886.1 KiB
3. Headband_V7-1.stl 2018-05-02 1.7 MiB
3D Model