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Open Source Watch with 3d printed case wins Arduino challenge

Open Source Watch, like the name says, is DIY open source smartwatch with Bluetooth LE connectivity based on Arduino you can make yourself.

Source: Thingiverse

With an Arduino-compatible brain, Bluetooth LE connectivity, 3D-printed case, and open-source approach, Jonathan Cook’s BLE smart watch is the winner of our Arduino Challenge, and will be headed to Maker Faire Rome this Fall.

The watch is the latest iteration of an ongoing BLE watch endeavor Cook has been exploring for the past nine months. In addition to time and date functionality, he’s building interfacing that any smart-watch wearer would want — email, Facebook notification, twitter updates, etc., and hopes to have the community further the platform as well. “I see this first as an open source “pebble” type project,” Jonathan explains.

Jonathan will be sharing the full how-to with Make readers at an upcoming date, as well as documenting his build notes on

Our Arduino Month contest, part of the 10-year anniversary of the hugely popular prototyping board, received an incredible amount of highly impressive entrants (thank you to everyone that submitted) and we look forward to sharing some of those projects in future posts as well.

In its first year, Maker Faire Rome 2013, co-curated by Riccardo Luna and Arduino cofounder Massimo Banzi, brought over 30,000 makers and attendees together to celebrate the Maker Movement with decidedly European flair. This year’s event, happening October 3-5, aims to top that.

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