The first, blockchain based system aims to speed up the collaborative open source hardware development, from ideas to prototypes, through manufacturing, sales and distribution, based on local circular economy principles.


ENVIENTA connects people and initiatives around the globe. They are all using the platform in the process of value creation and exchange as prosumers – it means the roles can change at any time, continuously.


The platform is using data-based tools to create community feedback loops, gathering signals about the quality of blueprints, prototypes, products or - as a key factor in curation - the reputation of any service providers shaped by past behavior.

Real time social feedbacks and assessment of needs reduce the costs of market research, help to avoid overproduction - ultimately balance demand and supply.

Have an idea?

Start collaborating with others and collecting followers together right away, while showing your project details and updates. 

Start a campaign

Need investments for designing and prototyping? Deal with market research and the acquisition of funds in one step.

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Once a prototype has been made, you are able to assemble the platform’s any approved product prototype on your own and use it.

From prototypes to delivered products

Let manufacturers and distributors find you and help to make your product wide accessible anywhere in the world .



From establishing new designer collaborations and crowdfunding your open source projects to get into the supply chain, ENVIENTA has the tools.

3D-printed mouse

This mouse combines a traditional electronic circuit board and components with a 3D-printed enclosure. The mouse is open-source: the original files necessary to make or modify its design are available for download below.

6 months ago
Open Source Watch with 3d printed case wins Arduino challenge

Open Source Watch, like the name says, is DIY open source smartwatch with Bluetooth LE connectivity based on Arduino you can make yourself.

6 months ago
Build Your Own DIY Open Source MP3 Player

If there’s one thing Formlings love, it’s extracurricular activities, and we’re lucky enough to be surrounded every day by 3D printers that supplement and enable our hobbies. For electrical engineer Matt Keeter, one of those hobbies is creating DIY electronic devices like Bumpy, a simple open source MP3 player with a 3D printed case.

6 months ago
Open source 3D printed water filter

The Faircap Project is a collaborative, clean water initiative, whose aim is to create an affordable open source 3D printed water filtration device that could provide clean, safe, drinkable water to those in need. The startup has already created a working prototype, but is now calling on engineers, designers, microbiologists, or anyone interested in helping to pitch their own open source ideas and make the Faircap filter as low cost and accessible as possible.

6 months ago
Atmospheric Water Generators

Condense water vapor into drinkable form.

Desalination of sea-water

The system needs salty water which has to be pumped in a closed tube system to the unit. Only the pomp needs energy in this system. The desalination technology has two products: fresh-water on one side, and salty-water with increased salt-content on the other side: the salt content will be 2 to 3 times higher as the original salty-water. This water can be transported back to the sea in an open channel by common gravitational way. The system including: solar collector, main device, water tank, water pump, holding device, control panel, tubes, fittings, isolations, ect.

8 months ago


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