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Modular 3D printed DESK LED LAMP

Make brightness in your room or office - cheap, easy to print, biodegradable from PLA, and only 4 watts :))

3D printed chair

This is a chair everyone with a printer and some nGen_FLEX filament can make at home!

House cooling with a used car heat exchanger

More and more households are using air conditioning system. But this way is not going to be sustainable in the future.

DIY pallet furniture with 3D printed glass holder & phone stand

Garden furnitures are very expensive today, but you can easily make your own furniture from pallets. This solution is very cheap and unique with these 3d printed glass holder and phone stands.

Automatic watering system

It's a simple aplication to watering flowers at home.

3D printed - Mosquito trap

Non-toxic biodegradable mosquito trap. Printed from PLA, works without any propellant.