Electromagnetic interference shield paint

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Electromagnetic interference shield paint

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding is a topic of active research. The topic of this project is the development of a commercial EMI shielding coating, that is water based, nontoxic, and having good magnetic properties to allow placement of easy objects on the wall without damaging the layer of paint. The coating has EMI shielding as high as 120 dB at the radio frequency range thus can protect sensitive devices against potent EM radiation. This development is an example how nanotechnology may enhance material properties and achieve applications that otherwise impossible to achieve.


Various degree of EMI shielding can be attained. 12 m^2 of wall area can be covered by 3 kg paint (approx. 2,3 L) and the resulting EMI shielding of the dry coating is 40 dB. The paint may be applied in 2-3 layers for uniform thickness. For 80 dB shielding, 6 kg (approx. 4,6 L) paint must be coated per 12 m^2 and for 120 dB shielding 9 kg paint (approx. 7 L) must be coated. The dry paint has also high electric conductivity, 0,5-1 Ohm/Sq in 300 um thick layer. The paint has viscosity higher than 10000 cPs, but can be diluted with water down to 100 cPs, so it is also good for spray coating. The dried paint has dark-gray color and plaster texture. It does not contain hazardous ingredients. The dry coating does not fire proof but can't catch flame.


The paint can be coated to all surfaces that are wettable by water. Every layer must be dried until it safe to tuch before the next is painted, to reach final conductivity and magnetism 24 hours of drying is necessary, 48 hours in humid environment. Always apply more than one layer to cover the surface uniformly, with no weak spots.


1 -> 5 kg : 50 USD/kg

5 -> 25 kg : 45 USD/kg

25-> kg: 40 USD/kg

For more information contact us ! : info@graphenecomposite.eu

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Electromagnetic interference shield paint

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