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LdreamM headset

This is an 8 channel EEG headset, that is capable of measuring brainwaves during sleeping or meditation and can help inducing lucid dreams.

Detailed descriprion:

The headset’s primary goal is to help in stimulation of the so called lucid dreams, that is, when one is aware during dreaming, that he/she is dreaming.

Moreover, the headset can be used for guided meditations, neuro feedback and for any kind of EEG measurements. There are 8 EEG electrodes at positions of O1, P3, T3, Fp1, Fp2, T4, P4 and O2, plus the reference and bias ones. The measured EEG signals are laboratory grade, so it can be used in research centers, too, but the primary target is the average user.

The active electrodes can be dry or wet. The dry electrodes are for meditation or sleep research, the wet ones are recommended for high precision EEG measurements.

The raw EEG signals are filtered, preprocessed and then passed to the feature extraction algorithm. The latter finds the horizontal and vertical eye movements, eye blinks, frequency bands (delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma) and the muscular tone.

The headset can still measure the temperature at four different points, the heart rate and the oxygen saturation. Contrary to the conventional scientific approach the LdreamM headband classifies the measured signals by the vedical teachings: it finds the signals of the mind („manas” in Sanskrit) and the intellect („budhi”). It provides a very accurate and more sophisticated classification of the consciousness levels of a person. Instead of simple finding for example the REM phase, it divides it into four sublevels: from the slight dreaming to the full consciousness during dreaming.

There is an option to switch between the traditional and the more sophisticated division of the consciousness levels.

The headset measures the levels of consciousness during meditation or during sleep onset as well, which provides a user-friendly neuro feedback and voice guiding. For those, who cannot fall asleep quickly, the headset provides guided meditation or any selected music, focusing on which helps to stop thinking and this way to fall asleep quickly.

There are four kinds of different stimuli to help for inducing lucid dreams: voice, magnetic, infrared and visible lights. When the dreamer is in REM phase and closest to the lucid dream, one or the combination of these stimuli are activated.

The voice stimuli are provided by bone conductive transducers. It provides the voices and sounds even for those, who have hearing problems, since the voice is transmitted through the bone, not through the eardrums. The headset itself is not, but the structure of the measured signals are open source. It allows to analise the measured signals in any free applications, that can handle the so called EDF (Europien Data Format) files.

Main features of the headset:

  • 8+2 active EEG electrodes (either dry or wet)
  • Feature extraction algorithm for eye movement, frequency band and consciousness levels.
  • Four types of stimuli: Voice, magnetic, infrared and visible light
  • The data format is EDF( European Data Format), so the raw EEG signals can be studied by any of the free software
  • Bluetooth enabled for real time signal analysis.

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LdreamM headset

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