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SMART KIDS PLAYHOUSE we do truly believe that the level of our technological innovation has reached the point, when deliberate use of it might serve our civilization and the globe, as well. It is useful to start to teach the kids how to use our resources eco friendly and consciously. We see that many people are just beginning to understand this consciousness. Therefore we have decided to develop special models that educate the kids already at early age joyful and playful. As a father I see how much a child needs technology. It is OUR responsibility to fulfill their (our) need with carefully and properly developed tools. According to our plans models of KIDSPLAYHOUSE are available in different size. Each contains different technological innovations that keeps our kids safe, mentally and physically fresh. Even the smallest version has remote control for windows, lights and light shows via touch screen. Due to solar energy its duration is endless. It is constructed by modules which means that new modules can be added through standard jacks and protocols. Voice detection and speech function is under development. Solar panels - as renewable energy - and their detection are part of the system. It teaches how to become careful with resources. It observes living conditions. As soon it detects anomalies it signs. Due to its human-friendly technology and built in screen many creative and mental lessons are available. It is made of natural materials (eg.: wood). As it is built by modules even the parents can join the game or the construction work. According to special needs parental monitoring tools such as camera system can be built in, as well. Its main goal is education, to help the kids to learn how to treat and handle modern technology in a natural way strengthening their consciousness and creativity.

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